Denmark eyes energy sector in Türkiye

Turkish Daily News - Türkiye is looking for alternative energy sources to meet its increasing energy demand, thus there is great potential for cooperation between Türkiye and Denmark, said Keld Mosgaard Christensen, the Danish consul general in Istanbul, in an interview last week with the Turkish Daily News. The Turkish energy market is booming and Danish firms are increasingly aware of this fact, according to Christensen. The interest of the firms has lately been concentrated on the wind energy sector. Türkiye has enormous wind potential and within a matter of years this will develop into a very significant market. With a 23% market share in 2007, the Danish firm Vestas, which claims to be the world leader in modern energy, opened an office last year in Istanbul. Numerous Danish firms come to Türkiye on fact finding missions, with the aim of trying to seize investment opportunities. Although there is room for improvement, the Turkish government's enactment of new laws and regulations have created a more investment friendly environment, according to Danish officials.