Tofas seeks to develop Alfa Romeo in Türkiye

Hurriyet English - Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi AS, Türkiye's second largest automotive company, is seeking opportunities to design new car models of Alfa Romeo: "Engineering is 80 percent research and development and we are volunteer to do this. We can develop new models of Alfa Romeo, if Fiat demands," says Tofas Chief Executive Officer Ali Pandir. Tofas is the Turkish car manufacturer for the Italian Fiat SpA. "Not every car manufactured in Türkiye's Bursa province need to be the work of Turkish engineers 100 percent. But we say we can do this. We are also in a position to design other brands of the Fiat Group. They can continue to design the brands in Italy. But we can develop the product in Bursa." The research and development department of Tofas has the design copyrights for the new versions of Doblo and Minicargo vans. Tofas is Türkiye's second largest automotive company with total sales of 3.66 billion YTL ($3 billion) in 2007.