Türkiye attracts more foreign visitors

TravelVideo.TV - Türkiye has experienced a significant increase in the number of foreign visitors in the last year, new figures have revealed. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the country has recently seen a double-digit increase in international tourist arrivals. According to official data cited by Reuters, the European country attracted 2.75 million foreign leisure travelers in May. This is more than 20 percent up on the figure recorded 12 months earlier and means that the demand for rental accommodation will have gone up over this period. If this trend continues during the rest of 2008, people who have purchased property in tourism hotspots such as Antalya may be in line to collect much higher rental yields than last year. The Mediterranean resort was flagged up as the most popular destination for foreign leisure travelers, as visitor numbers went up by more than a third. Figures also showed that a quarter of all holidaymakers chose to spend time in Istanbul.