Indesit expands the scope of its objectives in the market

Dunya – Indesit has increased its sales by 30% in 2008 despite the crisis environment and the contraction in the white appliances sector, which has been going on for a while, and it continues to grow thanks to its production strategies innovated in accordance with changing consumer habits. Andrea Ojetti, General Manager of Indesit Türkiye has stated that they have been making significant investments, especially in terms of marketing this year. "We attach great importance to Türkiye on a worldwide scale,” Ojetti said. Ojetti also said, “Türkiye is a very large market and is actually one of the first countries in the world which started to manufacture white appliances. We have been in Türkiye since 1995 and have gained significant experience. Therefore, I recommend the foreign companies to come to and invest in Türkiye."