GE locomotives ready to roll out from Türkiye plant

Habertürk – General Electric’s (GE) transportation division is ready to begin serial manufacturing of the PowerHaul series diesel locomotives in Türkiye in partnership with Türkiye’s Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TULOMSAS).

The two companies joined forces in 2008 to manufacture the PowerHaul, the most modern and powerful of GE Transportation’s locomotive line, in TULOMSAS’ plant located in Eskisehir, Türkiye. GE invested USD 150 million in the design, development and technology transfers related to the locomotive’s manufacturing in Türkiye, according to company officials speaking at a press event in Eskisehir.

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) will take possession of 20 out of 50 locomotives to be manufactured in the first two years of production while the remainder will be marketed in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The plant has the capacity to manufacture 50-100 locomotives per year and is expected to generate an export revenue of USD 1.5 billion for 70 units shipped abroad.

“With a railway transportation testing facility underway and the ongoing clustering of spare industries around Eskisehir, the city is set to become a manufacturing hub of railway systems.”, TULOMSAS Director General, Hayri Avci said at the press gathering at the TULOMSAS plant in Eskisehir.

“PowerHaul series will be used worldwide. GE Transportation’s future projection in Türkiye is in line with the government’s 2023 plans…” GE Transportation head Lorenzo Simonelli, also present at the event, noted. Türkiye plans to double the length of its 12,000 km. long railway network by 2023.

Active in Türkiye since 1948, GE announced an USD 900 million investment plan for the country last summer, intending to expand its operations in aviation, transportation, healthcare and energy industries.

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