Foreign capital firms in Türkiye exceed 32,000

Hürriyet Daily News - The number of foreign capital companies in Türkiye surpassed 30,000 at the end of 2012 with over half of these companies being European Union-based, according to figures compiled from Economy Ministry data.

There are 32,604 foreign capital companies and branches in Türkiye, 5,494 of which are associates of Turkish companies with domestic capital.

The top sector among foreign companies operating in Türkiye is the wholesale and retail trade, comprising 32 percent of foreign companies. The real estate sector, at 16 percent, comes in second.


The data suggests that just over half – 50.3 percent – of these companies are EU-based. Among them, Germany ranks first with 5,158 companies in Türkiye, the U.K. follows with 2,446 and the Netherlands come in third with 2,105 companies.

Following the EU, countries with the most companies or branches in Türkiye are Near and Middle Eastern countries, with 7,460. In this category, Iran ranks first with 2,872 companies, Azerbaijan follows with 1,190 and Iraq comes in third with 1,009.

Istanbul tops the list as the most popular city for foreign investors , hosting 18,968 of 32,604 internationally capitalized companies.

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