Swiss Lamina to invest in Türkiye

Once Vatan - Swiss Lamina Technologies, Europe’s leading manufacturer of carbide cutting tools, signed a partnership agreement in Türkiye, which it states is an emerging market in a time of a global economic recession. The Swiss manufacturer, having signed a partnership agreement with Lamina Türkiye - Lamina Technologies’ Türkiye distributor since 2005, is now expanding its presence in Türkiye, where demand for semi-finished products is soaring on the back of increasing industrial investments. Mathias Wegwart , General Manager of Lamina Germany, said the entrance of a Swiss manufacturer of carbide cutting tools into the Turkish market confirms the company’s confidence in the continuous growth of the Turkish industry. Wegwart added that merging with Lamina Türkiye following the company’s researches and feasibility studies will bear significantly positive results in regard to their efficiency in the sector as well as their expansion in the Middle Eastern market.