Türkiye and Chile to sign foreign trade agreement

Haber Turk- Türkiye and Chile are set to sign a free trade agreement (FTA), said the Turkish State Minister Zafer Caglayan on Monday. Caglayan proceeded to Chile after paying an official visit to Brazil over the weekend. The Turkish minister met Andres Velasco Branes, Chilean Finance Minister; Patricia Poblete Bennett, Housing, Urbanism and Public Land Minister and Romy Schmidt Crnosija, Minister of State and National Property. Caglayan said an FTA between Türkiye and Chile will make great contributions to the services sector, adding that contractors, engineers and consultation firms of the two countries will be able work together. "I believe that the agreement will boost our trade volume with Chile up to at least USD 1 billion within a couple of years from the current level of USD 474 million. The agreement is of great importance as it will be the first FTA to be signed at the Chilean Presidential Palace", Caglayan told the Anatolian Agency.