Türkiye ranks 4th among the most inexpensive countries concerning industrial energy consumption

Referans – According to the energy price index data produced by the International Energy Agency (IEA) for the second quarter of this year, Türkiye ranks 10th among the OECD countries regarding the most inexpensive residential energy usage and 4th regarding the industrial energy usage. Due to the recent rises in the prices, Türkiye has fallen back 2 steps in the inexpensiveness ranking of housing and industry prices compared to 2007. In IEA’s report where energy prices in the OECD countries is reviewed, real energy prices including electricity and natural gas have been calculated by multiplying nominal prices by producer prices index for the industry sector and by consumer prices index for the housing sector. Accordingly, though Turkiye was the country using the most expensive energy with the index value of 116.1 in 2002 in housings, it has ranked 19th among countries using the most inexpensive energy with the value of 102.9 in 2004, due to the effect of not having any price rises within the last 5 years. Türkiye which ranked 18th in 2005, 14th in 2006 moved up and ranked 8th last year. Türkiye whose index value has moved up to 112.2 due to the effect of the price rises in electricity in 2008 has become the 10th most inexpensive country. Since OECD Europe index value is set as 117.2 and the OECD total as 130.8, Türkiye has ranked under these two averages in the second quarter of 2008. According to the real energy prices regarding industrial usage, the industry index which was 112 in 2002 moved back to 96.2 in the year 2004 and Türkiye has become the third most expensive country. Turkiye which preserved its status as the third most inexpensive country with the index of 104.8 in 2005, moved up to the second rank with the index of 106.1 in the year 2006 and preserved its rank in the year 2007. As for the second quarter of 2008, Turkiye has become the 4th country using the most inexpensive energy with its index point of 110.7. In 2008, Türkiye is preceded by Holland, Luxemburg and Denmark respectively. As for the housing real energy index, Türkiye is preceded by Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico, Greece, Korea, Ireland, Italy, France and Denmark.