Fast-growing NCR Türkiye operation becomes a separate region

Hurriyet - NCR has declared its fast developing Türkiye division, that has been gaining importance for the global technology company, as a separate region, removing it from a group that includes Russia, Hungary and Czech Republic.“Türkiye is one of the main regions, so we are planning to hold the ‘European Leaders Meeting’ here. Türkiye was taking part among Eastern Europe countries before, but now it has become a separate region,” said NCR Europe Vice President Gary Rider. Under the roof of NCR, Europe was separated into nine regions, one of which is now Türkiye, Rider stated. Gary Rider said “Turkish banks are very advanced in terms of technology. In particular, they display mobile banking implementation magnificently. This derives from strong competition in the Turkish financial market.” Türkiye's population consisted largely of very young people, and the people in the country were open and could adapt to new technology, he said. Turkish banks can provide a model for their European counterparts, according to Rider. “Turkish banks are far-sighted. They are very good at mobile banking and future banking implementations. Therefore, it would be a good exercise for those from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France to examine Türkiye's banking sector and see innovations.” Evaluating financial results in Türkiye, Rider said the company experienced a very good first half and was expecting a good second half. NCR Türkiye reaped $91.5 million last year, said Yalcin Orhon, managing director of NCR Türkiye, adding that “Our target is a turnover of $110 million this year. Apparently, our targets will come true. Both our market share and revenues have increased since 2004. Türkiye's status seems good in the eyes of NCR Europe.”