Sanofi to make Turkish plant an export hub

Sabah - Drugmaker Sanofi seeks to expand its operations in Türkiye in a bid to make its production plant in Luleburgaz, Kirklareli an export hub for antibiotics for over 40 countries. The company is producing generic drugs in Türkiye under the name of its Czech subsidiary Zentiva, which acquired Turkish drug manufacturer Eczacibasi in 2007. The largest pharmaceutical company in Türkiye by production capacity, Sanofi’s plant in western Türkiye is also home to the company’s one of the major research and development (R&D) labs.

Referring to the Luleburgaz plant, “Our Turkish facility stands out in efficiency and quality. Zentiva intends to expand production in this factory,” Zentiva President Jerome Silvestre told Turkish daily Sabah.

“Luleburgaz plant constitutes one fourth of Zentiva’s global production with its significant capacity, know-how and skilled labor force,” according to Sanofi Türkiye Head Olivier Guillaume. Sanofi had relocated its regional management center, covering the Middle East from Dubai to Istanbul last April.

Detailing the company’s plans regarding Türkiye, Zentiva Türkiye General Manager Sahin Aslan said that Zentiva will focus on antibiotics production in its Turkish plant with a special emphasis on exports. “We aim to begin exporting antibiotic drugs to 40 countries in the first quarter of 2013,” Aslan noted.

The Luleburgaz plant, with its annual production capacity of 450 million packages, employs over a thousand people.
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