Türkiye hopes to lure in Gulf funds for liquidity

Hurriyet Daily News - The Turkish government hopes to open another door as US and European markets continue to struggle against the global financial crisis. A committee formed by top Turkish officials is set to tour the Gulf countries, seeking to secure liquidity by luring in much needed investment funds. The committee will invite Saudi Arabia’s investment fund, which is considered to be the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, as well as other investment funds in the Gulf to invest in Türkiye. Officials will highlight the fact that Türkiye, a country that is implementing many structural reforms during its accession process to the European Union, is also a "corridor" in transporting energy sources to the West, reported Anatolia News Agency. The committee will also inform investment funds of the opportunities in Türkiye and propose that Turkish firms, in collaboration with Gulf capital, can create new joint investment ventures in the area. Meanwhile, Gulf investment funds have shown interest in the telecommunications, energy, retail and logistics sectors in Türkiye. Asset-backed securities are also an area of interest for Gulf investment funds seeking joint investment opportunities.