Türkiye aspires to be a nuclear technology center

Referans - As part of Türkiye's plans to develop its nuclear potential the Turkish Energy Ministry is moving toward plans to position the country as a regional center for uranium enrichment, sources revealed yesterday. The plans come to light as Türkiye prepares to issue its first public tender for construction of a nuclear plant and are prompted by the need to acquire and manage nuclear fuel. Türkiye's interest in nuclear energy is drawing scrutiny from the United States and both U.S. and Turkish officials are in broad discussions on Türkiye's plans to build nuclear energy power plants. While Türkiye has not officially conveyed its plans to become a uranium enrichment center for the Americans, reliable sources told business daily Referans that Türkiye's intentions will soon officially be on the U.S.-Turkish agenda. If U.S. authorities offer their support, sources said Türkiye, already moving ahead with its plans to build nuclear power plants, might also become one of the most prominent nuclear energy and nuclear technology centers in the world. The issue will be discussed at a nuclear energy meeting that will be held in Istanbul Friday. In addition to Tomihiro Taniguchi, the No. 2 at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), top-level officials from America, Russia, France and the United Kingdom will reportedly be attending the meeting.