Türkiye among the "big boom" countries

Real Business - Recession is forcing British businesses to seek opportunities overseas. But which markets are ripe for investing? Which countries are bustling with talent and innovation? Türkiye is expected to be one of the world's top ten economies by 2050. It is already an incredible place to do business. With a population of 72 million, some 50 percent of the workforce is under 28, which gives the region, especially the capital Istanbul, an incredible energy. And, for foreign firms looking to set up camp in the city, there is a significant pool of new graduates to pick from. Geographically, it is strategically placed as a unique link between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This gives businesses an access to two economies: the sophisticated (though now, fatally flawed) Western economies of the EU countries, and the growing, lesser developed opportunities in the Middle East and former Soviet Union. While 99.8 percent of Türkiye's population is Muslim, Türkiye is a liberal democracy, welcoming other religions and creeds. And unlike us, over the past decade Türkiye has dramatically curtailed government debt, reduced inflation, and seen an almost miraculous recovery since the financial crisis in 2001. Flourishing sectors include environmental services, financial services, agriculture and ICT.