Turkey an exemplary economy - Coca-Cola CEO

Star – Turkey’s growing economy stands out with its dynamism, Coca-Cola’s Muhtar Kent told members of the Turkish press visiting the company headquarters in Atlanta, USA.

“Turkey is one of the two exemplary countries of economic success and dynamism.”, Kent said, quoting a well-known American economist he met at a meeting. “China’s growth is slowing and India is facing infrastructure problems which also hamper growth..”, Kent said, adding that Russia’s growth was dependent on energy exports.
“Today, Turkey and Mexico are seen as the shining stars of the global economy, thanks to their economic dynamism..” he noted. Kent pointed to the fact that both countries had huge markets right beside them, the EU in Turkey’s case and North America for Mexico.

World’s most popular soft drink brand has been active in Turkey since 1964, currently controlling a 10-country market from its regional headquarters in Istanbul.

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