Continental: Türkiye is vital when doing business with the Middle East

Dunya - With 35 years of experience in the sector, US chemical company Continental’s General Manager Omer Karabey said they are very content with their preferred choice of Türkiye as their second international office location, and that this decision has already shown benefits. Karabey said that they now run all their Middle Eastern operations through Türkiye, and that they currently have offices in Brazil, the Netherlands, Russia, Egypt, India, and China, with sales operations to 36 countries.


Karabey said it is the right decision for them to choose Türkiye as the second country after the US, adding “Our Istanbul office has the highest number of employees following our New York office. Also, in terms of business volume, Türkiye ranks the second. Türkiye's presence is vital when doing business with the Middle East.”


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