Dia to grow in Türkiye, opening stores in Anatolia

Milliyet - Discount market chain Dia, a subsidiary of the French Carrefour group, aims to extend its presence into Türkiye’s Anatolian heartland. In partnership with Sabanci Holding, one of Türkiye’s largest business conglomerates, DiaSA will enlarge its market share in Türkiye, according to Director General Fernando Gonzales Somoza. Spain-headquarted Dia is currently active in nine countries and is one of the top three discount market chains in the world.

“Türkiye’s rapid recovery from the global economic crisis and impressive growth in the aftermath left European countries behind,” said Somoza, speaking of DiaSA’s growth plans in the country. Through new investments and franchising, the company will add more than 1,500 new stores to its existing 900 and will double the number of its employees by 2015.

“The number of DiaSA stores will reach 2,600 throughout the country, employing 6,600 people. We are aiming to grow in Anatolian cities by franchising DiaSA stores,” Somoza noted, adding that their aggressive growth plans in the country are encouraged by Türkiye’s strong economic performance.
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