Türkiye to start thermal power plant privatizations

Turkiye - Türkiye will start privatizing its thermal power plants, generating more than 16,000 MW, in the coming days. According to the Acting President of the Privatization Administration (OIB) Ahmet Aksu, the 2011 phase of privatization operations will begin with Hamitabat Thermal Power Plant in Thracia, part of a batch that consists of four large thermal power plants and a number of smaller plants to be privatized in nine groups.

The Privatization Administration will privatize Hamitabat plant by selling its shares, as it is a joint stock company. “The Administration will transfer operating rights when selling hydro power plants, whereas in thermal power plants it will hand over property rights,” said Aksu and added that some of the power plants may also be offered to the public.

Türkiye privatized almost all of its power distribution grids past year, aiming for a more efficient and higher quality service for tens of millions of subscribers. The Privatization Administration will first sell power plants that can be upgraded for increased output and wants the private sector to improve the plants by investing in modernization.
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