Türkiye ‘top investment choice’ for Brazil’s Coteminas

Hürriyet – Türkiye’s large domestic market and export potential make the country an ideal location to invest in, according to the President of the Brazil-based Companhia de Tecidos Norte de Minas - Coteminas, the biggest textile group in Latin America.


Sharing his views on Türkiye’s business and investment environment while visiting Istanbul, Josué Christiano Gomes da Silva said that the country provided the most advantageous location in Europe with its key geographical location and growing economy.

“If Coteminas were to invest in Europe, Türkiye would be the first choice. Growth potential and central status give easy access to the European, Middle Eastern and African markets and make the country the ideal choice for an investment” da Silva said, drawing particular attention to Türkiye’s proximity to the EU, slowly recovering from the eurozone crisis.

Meeting with the head of Turkish Textile Employers' Association (TTSIS), Muharrem Kayhan, Coteminas President said that Türkiye and Brazil could do more improve their business and trade relations.

“The two countries have a combined population of 300 million people and a 3 trillion-dollar GDP. Both countries have the advantage of having large domestic markets”, da Silva said, noting that favorable demographics were also a common trait that would assist Türkiye and Brazil’s long-term growth.


“More cooperation between Türkiye and Brazil will contribute to the competitiveness levels and growth performance of the two countries”, he remarked.

Image of Josué Christiano Gomes da Silva