Turkey to generate 20,000 MW wind power by 2023

Haberturk - Abundant with renewable energy sources, Turkey sets out to utilize its potential in order to supply the increasing power demand of its rapidly-growing economy. Wind energy will take up a considerable proportion of Turkey’s installed capacity in 2023, as the country aims to generate 20,000 MW from wind turbines, according to Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Taner Yildiz.

Speaking at a meeting of industrialists and state bodies, jointly organized by his ministry and the Wind Energy Association of Turkey (TUREB), Yildiz said that despite its relatively late entry among the world’s 86 wind power producing nations, Turkey has made it to the top 15 in wind power with large-scale investments taking place in the sector. “Renewable Energy Law enacted in 2005 led to rapid expansion of the sector. Turkey currently has an installed capacity of 1,750 MW generated from wind energy. The capacity will reach 10,000 MW when licenses granted or about to be granted are taken into account,” said the minister.

Yildiz also mentioned Turkey’s local development and production efforts of wind turbines and generator units. The TRY 50 million project under the leadership of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBİTAK) aims to field a 2.5 MW wind turbine by 2014. By the centennial of the republic in 2023, the country plans to have a 20,000 MW installed capacity generated by wind farms.
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