Schneider Electric to invest EUR 50 million in Türkiye

Dunya – The French energy technologies group Schneider Electric, having recently made Türkiye the head office for its operations in 16 countries throughtout Asia and Europe, will reflect its confidence in Türkiye by continuing its investments. Turhan Turhangil, General Manager of Schneider Electric Türkiye, said, “Our performance in Türkiye is closely monitored by our headquarters. Our success is backed by our investments. We will continue growing in Türkiye”. Turhan Turhangil stated they will invest EUR 50 million in Türkiye within three years. He also noted that both the new facility to be constructed on the newly acquired 60,000 square-meter land in Manisa Organized Industry Region and the existing one in Izmir will start manufacturing activities by the end of 2009. Turhangil added they will move the Izmir factory to these facilities, thus expanding their working area.