Energy Minister says Turkey controls world boron market

Turkishpress.com -Turkey's energy minister said on Wednesday that Turkey currently controlled the world's boron market. Attending a meeting on "The Future of Boron and Turkey" at Ankara's Cankaya University, Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister Hilmi Guler said remarkable studies were being carried out and more than 2,000 products were produced in Turkey using the "boron" chemical. "We can say that Turkey is now controlling the world's boron market," Guler said. He also said Turkish experts carried out studies on "sodium-boron hydride" which was one of the most important hydrogen carriers of the future. Guler said Turkey produced cement using boron chemicals as well. He said 4,000 tons of cement was produced using such material currently and the product would be commercialized soon. Boron, a semi-metallic element, exhibits some properties of metal as well as of non-metal. Turkey has almost 72 percent of the world's boron potential and boron reserves. The importance of boron --widely used in industries ranging from detergent industry to glass industry-- will increase as hydrogen fuelled motor vehicles are introduced.