Turkish retail industry to reach USD 250 billion by 2014

Star – Backed by a high performing economy and a population with incresing purchasing power, the retail industry in Türkiye is expected to reach a volume of USD 250 billion up from its 2010 level of USD 187 billion, according to a report by global market research and consultancy firm, Deloitte.

Türkiye’s retail market breaks down to subcategories of food, home development, apparel and electronics retailing, taking up respective shares of USD 96 billion, USD 26,5 billion, 24,3 billion and USD 7,3 billion in 2010 figures. Seven merger and acquisition operations took place in the sector during 2010 with the total worth of deals reaching USD 200 million, the report said.

The report cited increasing urbanization and the expansion of economically-active population as key factors of growth in Türkiye’s retail sector.
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