Unilever to run 750-million people market from Türkiye

Sabah - The world’s biggest consumer products group Unilever’s Turkish arm will run the global company’s operations in 36 countries with a total market size of 750 million people, according to Unilever Global CEO Paul Polman. Unilever Türkiye’s management responsibilities have expanded to cover 24 new countries, including Russia and countries in North Africa and the Middle East, thus making Türkiye one of the eight regional management centers of the global giant.

“Unilever Türkiye’s management coverage now includes 36 countries with a total population of 750 million,” Polman told reporters in a press meeting, detailing their corporate goals and Türkiye’s strategic positioning in Unilever’s future plans. “The decision to make Türkiye a regional management center comes as no surprise given Türkiye’s potential and the expected growth of the region the country leads. Unilever considers Türkiye to be in the top five growth markets among emerging countries,” he noted. Active in Türkiye for over 60 years, Unilever invests TRY 100 million (approx. USD 56 million) annually in its plants in the country and exports its Turkish-produced goods to 35 countries.

The company expects emerging markets to deliver 75 percent of its turnover by 2020.
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