Hungarian businessmen welcome to invest in Türkiye

AA - Speaking at the opening of the Türkiye-Hungarian Business Council, Nihat Ergun, Türkiye’s Industry and Trade Minister, invited Hungarian businessmen and entrepreneurs to invest in Türkiye. Ergun said Türkiye is a country of opportunities with a competitive market and a liberal business and investment environment. The minister called on Hungarian businessmen and investors to establish partnerships with their Turkish counterparts in order to reach out to the world markets. "Türkiye offers alluring opportunities for the businessmen in the region to access markets over a wide area, including Europe, the Middle East, Black Sea, Central Asia and the Gulf region. Besides, Türkiye has strengthened its economy thanks to the solid monetary policies it has pursued and the structural reforms it has implemented in the last seven years which have boosted the economy’s resilience to shocks originating in other countries. The country has removed all obstacles to investment, improved the business environment and made legal improvements to attract direct foreign investments", said Ergun. Ergun stated that the political and economic relations between the two countries have progressed in recent years, noting that the trade volume between the two countries in 2008 stood at EUR 1.334 billion. "Despite the recession caused by the global economic crisis, it is pleasing that the trade volume between Türkiye and Hungary reached EUR 951 million in the first three quarters of 2009", he noted. In this context, Ergun said, he believed the "Good-Will Protocol" signed between the two countries will help further enhance commercial and economic relations between Türkiye and Hungary.