Chrysler and RIM mull investments in Turkey

Hürriyet – Two large North American firms are considering investment opportunities in Turkey, according to Turkey’s Minister of Economy Zafer Caglayan. Minister Caglayan, on a visit to the US for talks with the heads of several corporations, said that automotive company Chrysler and and RIM, the maker of Blackberry handsets, expressed interest in investing in Turkey.

“Car maker Chrysler is wants to take advantage of Turkey’s new investment incentive scheme and RIM is interested in FATIH project” Caglayan told reporters in Washington.

Turkey offers a comprehensive new incentive package for investors in strategic sectors such as automotive which includes tax exemptions, support for interest payments on loans and land allocations.

FATIH project, which the Canadian company RIM wants to be a part of, is a nationwide public education initiative that involves equipping all primary school students with tablet PCs and classrooms with electronic boards.

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