Amplio bought two new lands for hotel investment

A.A – It has been reported that one of the strategic partners of Hilton Hotels Corporation in Türkiye, Amplio completed its search for land in Corum and Corlu for hotel investment. Within the written announcement made by Amplio, the firm stated that 4 thousand 600 metersquares of hotel land in Corum and 4 thousand metersquares of hotel land in Corlu were bought to build Hilton Garden Inn, following Diyarbakir, Bursa, Manisa and Istanbul. Alaeddin Babaoglu, Executive Board President of Amplio, has expressed that as Amplio they have not changed their plans despite the global crisis, on the contrary they have taken steps for new investments, buying new lands. Babaoğlu has stated that they will have built 20 Hilton Garden Inn by 2011, hired 4 thousand people in these hotels and nearly 4 thousand people will work during the construction.