Turkish president says Iran and Iraq could supply gas for Nabucco

Hurriyet Daily News - Turkish President Abdullah Gul said on Tuesday that natural gas from Iran and Iraq could help fill a pipeline that would transport the commodity from the Caucasus, through Türkiye, and on to the Western markets. "The most important issue regarding this project is to obtain sufficient amount of gas," he told at a joint press conference with his Bulgarian counterpart Georgi Parvanov. Gul stressed that Türkiye could import gas from Iraq through a new pipeline which is yet to reach the Turkish border, and buy more gas from Iran to feed the Nabucco pipeline. Gul added that he discussed the project during his talks to Parvanov. Parvanov said the two leaders confirmed once again that they were ready to work on the Nabucco project and this project would meet the energy need of Europe. The Bulgarian president said he was pleased that Gul accepted their invitation to an energy forum which would take place in Bulgaria in April 2009. The EU-backed 3,300 km Nabucco pipeline project is designed to bring 30 billion cubic meters of central Asian gas annually to Europe via Türkiye, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary. Supporters say it is vital to wean Europe from its over-dependency on Russian energy. The EU currently gets about one-third of its oil and about 40 percent of its natural gas imports from Russia.