Türkiye leads world in GSM use in banking

TurkishPress.com - Sureyya Ciliv, CEO of Turkcell, said Türkiye will lead the world in GSM use in banking operations. Ciliv, attending the "Mobile World Congress" held in Barcelona by the World GSM Association (GSMA), said progress in Türkiye regarding the use of mobile technologies in banking is far ahead of world standards. Ciliv said, Turkcell's "Mobile Signature" application was announced as a priority project by the GSMA, noting that as of March, Turkcell will begin promoting the use of this application for 750 mobile operators globally, which will later start implementing it in their own countries. Turkcell Mobile Signature is a GSM service that helps users sign electronic documents and transactions with their legally-accepted digital signature using their GSM SIM card.