"Turkey is Eurasia's sparkling star thanks to its democracy"

AA - Egemen Bagis, the Turkish State Minister and Chief Negotiator for EU talks, said Turkey's democratic institutions and rules make the country the sparkling star of Eurasia. Bagis attended a symposium on "Crisis and Competition Policy" in capital Ankara. Speaking at the symposium, Bagis said Turkey's EU process, which he described as the most important modernization project since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, provided remarkable transformations and improvements in the economic and social structure of the country. Bagis also noted such a process will help Turkey keep up with the competitive atmosphere and act together with the world markets. Describing the reforms carried out as part of Turkey's EU membership process as "steps making Turkey a global actor and strengthening the market economy based on competition", Bagis said the EU also expressed in a recent progress report on Turkey that the foundation of the Turkish economy got stronger and more resistant compared to previous years. "We believe in democracy. When compared to the countries in the region, we see that Turkey has become the sparkling star of Eurasia thanks to its democratic institutions and rules", he stressed.