Türkiye aims 50 bln USD trade volume with Africa in 2012

Turkishpress.com - Turkish State Minister Kursad Tuzmen said that Türkiye aims at reaching 50 billion USD of trade volume with African countries in the next four years. Speaking at the 3rd Summit of "Türkiye-Africa: Foreign Trade Bridge" hosted by the Confederation of Businessmen & Industrialists of Türkiye in Istanbul, Tuzmen said that Türkiye and Africa were discovering each other. "If we can establish a good bridge, we can take advantage of this opportunity," Tuzmen said. "We believe in the bright future of Africa and we want to take our proud place in that future," he said. "What we aim is to establish a relationship based on mutual interests." Trade volume between Türkiye and African countries was 5.4 billion USD in 2003 and it soared to 13 billion USD last year, Tuzmen reminded. He said it would near 20 billion USD this year, adding that Turkish government aims to make it 50 billion in 2012.