Investors from Gulf confident in Türkiye

Turkish Daily News - Despite the current political uncertainty, Middle Eastern investors express great confidence in the dynamics of the Turkish economy. “No matter who is in the office and which political party rules, the Turkish economy has benefited a great deal due to the policies of the past few years,” Amjad Ahmad, chief executive of NBK Capital Investment & Merchant Banking, told the Turkish Daily News. “So I think no matter who comes to power, they will continue that momentum.” Speaking on the likely affects of the political uncertainty on foreign investors, Ahmad said they “believe in Türkiye in the long term.” “It is a strong economy and things are improving here day by day,” he said, speaking on the sidelines of the Euromoney Türkiye Finance and Investment Forum. “We never come to a market for short-term gains. Türkiye's dynamics are very strong and that is why we will continue to do business here.” “The economy is very promising here. More importantly, a lot of companies from the region have ties to Turkish companies,” he continued. “They worked with Turkish companies for many years. I think they consider Türkiye as a natural source of growth. So you will continue to see more private equity players from the Gulf here.” The Gulf's private equity funds consider Türkiye as a safe haven to invest in the long term, he added.