Rolls-Royce, Turkish university to cooperate on nuclear power

Haberturk – Istanbul Technical University (ITU) and Rolls-Royce will jointly work to support Türkiye’ s nuclear power plant projects, according to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the prominent Turkish university and the UK-based power systems manufacturer.

Signed at the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in the presence of the Minister Taner Yildiz, the MoU covers collaboration between ITU and Rolls-Royce to assess the capability and development needs of the Turkish supply chain to support Türkiye’s nuclear power projects.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Yildiz said that the agreement formed an important milestone in the development of a domestic nuclear power industry in Türkiye. “This collaboration will showcase our local capabilities regarding nuclear power plant projects. ITU’s technology park will be hosting the Turkish companies taking part in these huge projects”, Yildiz noted, adding that the agreement also stood as a fine example of university-industry collaboration.

Türkiye aims to maximize the use of locally sourced parts and equipment in its nuclear power plant projects in Akkuyu and Sinop, expected to create a business volume of USD 16 billion.

The country reached a deal with Russia in 2010 to build the country’s first nuclear plant in Akkuyu, Mersin, on the Mediterranean coast. According a deal signed between Türkiye and Japan this year, a second plant will be built by a Japanese-led consortium in the Black Sea province of Sinop. The energy-hungry country intends to contract a third nuclear power plant at a later date and plans to supply 15 percent of its power needs from nuclear plants by 2030.

Image of Nuclear Power Plant
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