Türkiye to become Vodafone’s regional center

Hurriyet - Britain’s global telecommunications operator Vodafone is set to make Türkiye its regional base to manage its operations in the Middle East and North Africa. The fastest growing company in Vodafone’s European operations, Vodafone Türkiye’s success is closely followed in London headquarters, according to Vodafone Türkiye’s Chief Technology Officer Jorge Fernandes.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Vodafone’s Network Operations Center in Istanbul’s Tuzla district, Fernandes said that Türkiye, with its high potential and key location, is a crucial country for Vodafone. “Vodafone is carrying out studies to move the management of its Middle Eastern and North African markets to Türkiye. These developments are very important for Türkiye to become a regional center for Vodafone,” he noted.

Also present at the ceremony, Tayfun Acarer, the Head of Türkiye's Internet regulator, the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK), said that Türkiye’s data traffic is expected to increase 75-fold over the next five years. Asking for more network investments, Acarer said that Türkiye’s telecommunications infrastructure has become more advanced than those of European countries. “More network investments are necessary to accommodate increased data traffic in the near future,” he added.
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