Chinese truck maker considers investing in Türkiye

Dünya – Heavy commercial vehicle manufacturer Sinotruk is looking into investing in Türkiye. Invited by the Ministry of Economy, Sinotruk company officials are on a visit to Türkiye to assess the country’s investment opportunities in the automotive sector and hold talks with local industry associations.

Manufacturing trucks, military vehicles, and buses in China under a MAN license, Sinotruk is interested in cooperating with Turkish commercial vehicle makers. “Türkiye is an emerging country and among our priority targets. We are looking for partners to develop a business”, Liu Qing, Vice General Manager said following meetings with industry bodies in Bursa, the center of Türkiye’s automotive cluster.

The fifth largest auto manufacturer and the top maker of light commercial vehicles in Europe, Türkiye’s auto industry rolled out 1.13 million motor vehicles in 2013 under well-known brands including Toyota, Ford, Renault, Fiat, Honda, and Hyundai. The sector shipped USD 21.5 billion worth of motor vehicles and parts to foreign markets in 2013, increasing its exports by 12 percent from the preceding year.

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