Caterpillar exploring investment opportunities in Türkiye

Sabah - Heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar has Türkiye on its investment agenda, according to Türkiye’s Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergun.

Impressed by Türkiye’s new investment incentive scheme, the company’s CEO will visit Türkiye in the coming weeks for a meeting with the Ministry, said Ergun during his visit to the US for the 2012 Bio International Convention. Caterpillar executives were briefed about Türkiye’s investment environment and incentives during Türkiye’s President Abdullah Gul’s visit to the US last month.

“Caterpillar is seriously considering investing in Türkiye. This investment can possibly reach USD 1 billion in size,” said Ergun. Türkiye’s new investment incentives package offers special advantages for projects that are considered large-scale and strategic.

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