German Kühne invests in Turkey

Hurriyet – German food products company Kühne, known for its salad dressings, has commissioned a new vinegar factory in Turkey’s Aegean province of Izmir. The 300-year old company’s TRY 8.5 million investment will add significant production capability to its operations in Turkey. Kühne already produces vinegar in a smaller plant in Afyon, also in Turkey’s Aegean region.

“The new plant will turn Turkey into a supply hub for Kühne’s Middle Eastern and Central Asian markets..” Kühne Turkey Director General Zeki Pagda said at the plant’s opening ceremony.

Kühne International CEO, Andreas Schubert, stated that Turkey is an exciting country for its future investment opportunities as well as today’s, saying; “Turkey’s growing economy and its strategic position that allows easy access to the Middle East, Asia and Europe provides Kühne with an excellent location to have production operations in.”

The new factory in Izmir’s Kemalpasa district will have a 10,000 ton per year production capacity.

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