Toyota Türkiye rolls out revamped Verso, countdown continues for new Corolla

Dünya – Toyota’s Turkish plant rolls out the revamped family saloon, Verso, and preparations are underway for the manufacturing of the company’s popular Corolla model. Unveiled at a press event at Toyota’s Adapazari plant in the northwestern province of Sakarya, the new Verso incorporates changes and upgrades that are designed and implemented by Turkish engineers, according to Toyota Türkiye Director General, Orhan Ozer.

“Reaching a production rate of 50,000 vehicles per year, the Verso is primarily manufactured for export markets., Ozer told reporters, adding that the upcoming Corolla model will enter production in June. “Corolla production will up the plant’s capacity to 140,000 vehicles per year, also increasing our export volume to USD 2.5 billion..” Ozer said.

Toyota’s Turkish plant has the highest production quality of all Toyota plants outside of Japan. The plant produced the popular Corolla model in the hundreds of thousands between 1994 and 2006.

Image of Toyota Verso
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