US EMS picks Türkiye as pilot country for energy pipelines

Hurriyet – EMS, the leading oil and natural gas pipeline operator and energy service group in the US, has picked Türkiye as a pilot regional center for Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Western Asia for its pipeline business following its estimations that Türkiye is becoming strategically important for energy resources. EMS has announced the signing of an agreement with Türkiye’s Vastas for the establishment of a joint venture in order to boost its investments in the region. According to the parties involved, the new company will be called EMS and Vastas in Türkiye and focus on EMRA-licensed investment projects, Botas pipeline operations that will be privatized, Nabucco, Blue Stream and Iraqi oil and natural gas pipelines. Tim Nesler, CEO of EMS which currently operates a 32,000 km pipeline in North America, said, “Türkiye is geographically well-positioned for securing our joint venture services across the Middle East, Western Asia and Eastern Europe.”