Slovenian President: We strongly support Türkiye's EU membership

Haber Turk - Slovenian President Danilo Turk said on Thursday that his country will strongly and continuously support Türkiye's European Union (EU) membership. Speaking at the Türkiye-Slovenia Business Forum meeting in Istanbul, Turk said Istanbul has a promising future with respect to commerce. "Türkiye and Slovenia have recently started to improve their ties. Türkiye strongly supported Slovenia's membership of the United Nations and NATO. We can never forget Türkiye's support and want to give certain things in return. Slovenia will strongly support Türkiye's EU membership," said Turk. Turk said Slovenia is currently a medium economic power in the EU and added that they want to become one of the most developed countries in the EU. “We want to promote our relations with Türkiye, which is a super power with regard to tourism. Every year, the number of Slovenian tourists visiting Türkiye increases," Turk stressed.