One-fifth of world’s diesel injectors “Made in Türkiye”

Milliyet – Bosch Türkiye’s automotive division accounts for the production of one-fifth of the injectors used in diesel motor vehicles running on the world’s roads.

The German industrial conglomerate is heavily engaged in research and development (R&D) activities on automotive technologies at its Bursa plant located in northwestern Türkiye, exporting engineering services to its subsidiaries worldwide, in addition to fuel injectors, braking systems and other components that find their way into vehicles made by over 30 auto brands.

Speaking of the Turkish division’s role in Bosch’s global business, President of Bosch Türkiye and the Middle East Steven Young highlighted the importance of the Bursa plant for research on automotive technologies.

“The Bursa plant is home to the second-largest R&D facility that is developing diesel fuel injectors in Bosch’s global network. The recently commissioned braking systems unit is involved in the development of a new type of brake technology that will hit the market in 2016,” Young said, adding that one out of five diesel-engine automobiles on the world’s roads were equipped with fuel injectors made in the Bosch Bursa plant.

“Türkiye’s automotive exports have reached almost USD 2 billion in June, more than any other industry. 41 percent of that total is made up of automotive components,” the Bosch Türkiye executive said, noting the automotive industry’s leading role in Türkiye’s exports.

Also active in energy, home appliances and industrial technologies, Bosch Türkiye employs nearly 15,000 people in five different locations in the country.

The Turkish automotive industry reached a historic high in exports with USD 22.5 billion in 2014. Ford, Fiat, Hyundai, Renault, Toyota and Honda, as well as a large number of component suppliers, have production operations in the country, clustered around the industrial region of Marmara, primarily for export markets.

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