President Gul invites British investors to Türkiye

Dünya - Paying an official visit to Britain, Türkiye’s President Abdullah Gul delivered a speech to an audience of CEOs and executives of the country’s leading companies.

Türkiye’s economic prowess and the Turkish-British trade ties were two of the hot topics that the Turkish President Abdullah Gul addressed in his speech at the 2011 Annual Conference of the Confederation of the British Industry in London.

“As an emerging nation, Türkiye’s position allows it to help the global economy recover. The Turkish economy is structurally sound, even when faced with global uncertainties. With strong public finances, sustainable debt dynamics and a robust banking system in place, Türkiye has reached new levels of economic success,” the President noted.

Speaking of investments and acquisitions by British companies in Türkiye, Gul said that Türkiye would like to see more investors from Britain, and asked Turkish companies to do the same in Britain in order to further strengthen the commercial ties between the two countries. “Increasing business relations is one of the key solutions to economic hurdles. Türkiye and Britain have all the necessities to create new areas of business and promote growth,” said Turkish President.

Gul likened Türkiye’s emerging status to the now-developed economies in the Far East, and invited British investors to explore the business opportunities in the country saying, “The world economy has witnessed rising stars, suns and tigers. Now it is Türkiye’s time to be the world’s shining star and the rising crescent of Eurasia.”
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