Gazprom works on gas storage in Türkiye

Hurriyet Daily News - Russian Gazprom is conducting studies to see if it can build natural gas storage facilities in Türkiye, according to Gazprom officials who spoke to Anatolia news agency. Türkiye’s natural gas consumption has increased three-fold in the past decade, reaching 40 billion cubic meters, which has made Türkiye an attractive market with future potential, according to the officials.

“Whenever Türkiye has had any problems with other natural gas providers, it has always looked to Gazprom to supply the needed natural gas,” said an official, adding last winter Türkiye’s natural gas consumption hit the roof and Gazprom was forced to use its underground natural gas storage facilities in Europe to meet Türkiye’s needs and redirected 38 million cubic meters per day to Türkiye. Therefore, Gazprom believes Türkiye needs its own underground natural gas storage facilities.

The Gazprom officials said Türkiye’s electricity sector also had potential, but it was too early for them to consider entering Türkiye’s electricity market.
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