Gulf capital interested in Black Sea plateaus

Hurriyet Daily News - Some Saudi Arabia-based investors are said to be purchasing a plateau town in Türkiye’s Black Sea province of Trabzon, which is famous for its mountains and outdoor tourism. The investors are also reportedly beginning initiatives to build a new five-star hotel in the city. “Arab tourists have a high level of interest in Trabzon”, said Trabzon Governor Recep Kizilcik. “We are working on establishing a more effective management system for the plateau towns located within the borderline of our province”, he said. “Maintaining a plateau culture and structure is very important. In addition, establishing a decent transportation infrastructure is also of utmost importance for these towns. We have launched a project that focuses on renewing roads leading to plateaus. Our efforts will continue”, he said. “Our city has become quite popular both with tourism and trade.” Plateau towns and plateau tourism needs further promotion to lure more local and foreign investors, he noted. “A Saudi Arabian company has recently expressed an interest in one of our plateau towns. We are in talks with the investor. I believe a positive outcome will be attained soon. Same people are also considering opening a tourism agency in Trabzon. They also have plans to establish a five-star hotel in the city.” Plateau tourism is important for Trabzon’s local economy and efforts are made to benefit from all four seasons, each month of the year. Four plateau towns have been established, one of which is privately owned. Each town has a total capacity of 500 beds. Bungalows, rich forests, camellias, rafting on impetuous rivers, crater lakes and fishing are all part of the sightseeing opportunities.