Türkiye receives USD 12.7 billion FDI in 2013

Yeni Safak – Foreign direct investments (FDI) into Türkiye stood at USD 12.686 billion in 2013, according to data released by the Ministry of Economy. Making up the total, the capital inflow topped USD 10.1 billion while real estate purchases by foreigners exceeded USD 3 billion. The overall amount experienced a drop of 4 percent when compared with 2012.

Accounting for 52 percent of the total, the EU remained Türkiye’s principal source of foreign investment last year while, at the sector level, the country received USD 3.7 billion of cash inflow through financial intermediaries, followed by the USD 2.5 billion attracted by its booming energy sector.

Last year saw 2,960 company establishments by foreigners, taking the total number of foreign-owned or partnered companies to nearly 37,000. Germans constitute the largest group of foreign business owners in Türkiye with over 5600 companies, followed by the British with 2600 companies as of the end of 2013. The majority of foreign-funded companies, nearly 22,000, are operating in Istanbul.

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