Manufacturing sector capacity utilization rate up to 74.6 pct.

Sabah – The January capacity utilization rate in the Turkish manufacturing sector has risen 6 points over the same month of the past year, reaching 74.6 percent, according to a Central Bank statement. Although a slight decrease of 1 point was observed in the rate when compared to the previous month, December 2010, without the seasonal effects capacity utilization still registered a 0.1 point increase over the past month and 6 point increase over January 2010.
According to data compiled by the Central Bank of Türkiye, the capacity utilization rate in the investment goods, durable consumer goods, intermediate goods, non-durable consumer goods of the manufacturing sector have increased over the same month of the previous year. The only sub-sector with declining utilization rates in the same period stood to be the food and beverages group.
turkey; manufacturing sector; capacity utilization; capacity utilization rate; central bank; seasonal effects