Over 31 million foreign tourists visit Türkiye in 2011

Dünya – Türkiye, as a favored holiday destination, attracted 31.4 million foreign visitors in 2011, posting an increase of 9.8 percent as compared to 2010.

According to data fromTürkiye’s Ministry of Tourism and Culture, foreign visitor arrivals in December reached 1.19 million, breaking the 30 million mark. With an appeal that is constantly on the rise, Türkiye was the destination of choice for over 27 million tourists in 2009 and 28.6 million in 2010.

Germany ranked first in the number of tourists sent to Türkiye with 4.8 million, followed by Russia with 3.4 million and the UK with 2.5 million. Iranian, Bulgarian, Dutch, Georgian, French, Syrian and US nationals also visited Türkiye in significant numbers.

Approximately one third of Türkiye’s foreign visitors, 10.4 million people, entered the country via Antalya – also known as the capital of Turkish tourism – seconded by its commercial hub, Istanbul, which some 8 million used as a port of entry.
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