Greek PM Karamanlis backs Türkiye's EU bid

NTVMSNBC - It was in the best interests of the European Union to admit Türkiye as a full member, Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis said during an address in Ankara Thursday. In an effort to overcome decades of mutual distrust, Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis of Greece had arrived in Türkiye on Wednesday for the first official visit by a Greek leader in almost half a century. Speaking at a conference staged at Ankara’s Bilkent University, Karamanlis said “We are confident that a European Türkiye will be to the benefit, first, of its people and, then, of the region and the continent as a whole,” said. “Indeed, Greece made a strategic decision: We decided to support Türkiye’s European perspective, mindful of those things that keep us apart. This was not a decision taken easily and it was not an easy decision,” he said.