Türkiye ranks top in innovation in Mediterranean

Reuters – According to the results of the survey conducted by Ernst&Young on the attractions for investment in EuroMed region, Türkiye ranked top in innovation. According to Ernst&Young's BaroMed survey, that was conducted with 315 international managers on investment attractions of Mediterranean Region, new border of European Union extends to Mediterranean. Osman Dincbas, Ernst&Young Türkiye General Manager, said “The fact that Türkiye ranked as the most promising country in production and innovation fields among countries bordering to Mediterranean is encouraging”. According to the survey, Türkiye, with the rating of 21%, is the most promising country amongst the countries having borders to Mediterranean in terms of added value yielding activities and R&D. Emphasizing the fact that Türkiye should maximize the benefit it from the product variety in automobile and textile sectors and from the increasing added value of economy, Dincbas said that investment promotions should be given priority. According to the survey, Türkiye which has increased its competitiveness in industrial activities, is included among countries with developed economies such as Spain and Italy which are attractive in logistics.