Turkey gateway to regional markets for British companies – BCCT Chairman

​BloombergHT – With an impressive track record of GDP growth in the last decade, Turkey’s economic fundamentals are structurally sound and resilient, according to Chris Gaunt, Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce of Turkey (BCCT).

Speaking to the Turkish press about the British investments in Turkey during 2013, Gaunt said that British companies had no doubts about Turkey’s positive medium and long-term growth prospects. Over 2,600 British companies are operational in Turkey, second only to Germans in the number of companies owned/partnered by foreigners.

“Turkey’s business experience in dealing with Central Asian, Middle Eastern, North African countries is an invaluable asset for the British who team up with Turkish companies to reach these markets. There exists a huge investment potential in Turkey to reach the surrounding emerging markets”, Gaunt said, highlighting Turkey’s gateway status to the region.

Noting that Turkey and Britain enjoyed deepening business and investment ties, the BCCT Chairman said that British companies were attracted by Turkey’s growth potential and strategic location. “Turkey has a heritage of doing business all around the world. Turkish businessmen know how to do business in Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, providing British companies access to these regions via partnerships”, Gaunt remarked.

Britain is one of the leading export markets for Turkey. The trade volume between the two countries exceeded USD 14 billion in 2013.

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